Siliguri Police Commissionerate repositioning image of police with Mobile Projects.

Siliguri Police Commissionerate is repositioning the image of police in the minds of people. Conducting raids, catching the bad guys and all that regular things are still there. But they have also launched two new projects on the road. Yes. We are talking about the food truck for the police and common people and the mobile washroom cum changing room for lady police on duty. Both these projects are already out and running in the roads of Siliguri. For the food truck the food will be served to the traffic gaurds, on duty police, civic volunteers for a minimal cost. As for the washroom cum changing room vehicle, a lady officer will be accompanying the driver through out the town where they will be making pitstops at every important traffic point under Siliguri Police Commissionerate. So, the next time you see these on the road, make sure to wave to them and tell them it’s a great job that they are doing in the town.

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