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India, land of cultures, castes, creeds, religions, representative of unity in diversity, one
of the fastest growing economy, rapid urbanization and has an expanding youth
population. But, also counted in top countries for rape statistics all over the world.
Around 77 rape cases are reported per day in India, which means in average around
28,105 rape cases per year and 1, 67,000 cases reported in last 5 years.
Majority of sexual assault are not
reported. Government data in
2018 shows 99% cases of sexual
assault are unreported. This is
really shameful.
These stats are those where
victims are women, but what
about male victims?
In India sexual abuse with men is
not considered as rape. Men can
only be molester not a victim, says
our society and even our laws. And
thus Male rape cases in India are
UNIVERSAL DEFINATION OF RAPE says, the penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or
anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without
the consent of the victim is rape. In other words, Sexual assault with a “person”, penetration with
object or any body part without that persons will is considered as rape.
Definition of rape differs from country to country. In India definition of rape is completely
different, According to Indian penal court (IPC) Section 375, rape is something that only a men
can do to women against her will. There is no room for adult male victims and almost nothing
for female perpetrator. Adult male rapes are considered as sodomy, “unnatural sex”.
The word RAPE was first introduced in 14
th Century defining sexual assault against ‘women’ and
in 15
th Century it was redefined to be gender neutral. It took almost 500 years for world to
understand that any person can be raped and perpetrator can be of any gender. Now in many
countries like USA, UK, China, and Singapore definition of rape is evolved considering Universal
definition, laws are changed. Singapore, replaced word “a women” to “a person” for defining
rape. But still our country no changes have been made yet. Which also indicates that even data in
Statistical reports for sexual assault in India is untrue because it just includes women victims.
Imagine where the stats of sexual assault will reach when reports of men and other gender will
be included. Strangely countries with gender-neutral rape laws reportedly have the lowest rates
of rape in the world.
According to IPC Section 375, you have to be a women to get officially raped. For men victims of
sexual offence Anti-sodomy law, Section 377 is only applicable. The law doesn’t even outline any difference in consensual and non-consensual sex between men adults. Even in male rape cases
where another male are perpetrator it is not considered as rape. And if a female is perpetrator,
Victim has no room to seek justice.
By the last legal definition under S. 375, the physical violation with blunt objects undergone by
Nirbhaya at the hands of her gang rapists and anal penetration would be classified as rape.
In 2012, Acts like penetration of penis or any ‘object’ into vagina, urethra, anus or mouth
without consent was included in rape for woman’s victims then Why not yet it is considered as
Rape for male victims? Why it is still called ‘UNNATURAL SEX’ for men? Why S.375 is not
applicable for perpetrator of male victims? And why punishment for adult male sexual assault is
less then female sexual assault?
India is said to have a male dominating society. Where society often puts pressure on men to “be
men” in the traditional sense, rather than simply be human. For men, vulnerability is often
neglected or dismissed. In India men are grown up hearing “Mard ko dard nahein hota”, “Mard
rote nahein” kind of sentences and even Indian cinema supports that. Men are forced to push
down emotions, ignore feelings, or dismiss their feminine traits, their mental health suffers a lot.
Our society is also the major reason why men don’t come up and speak out loud.
It is interesting to note that in 2013, After Nirbhaya case, male rape survivors spoke out, one
Chennai-based man, his blog post about his memory of being rape went viral, the centre passed
its Stop-gap Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance the crimes of rape and sexual harassment
were gender-neutral. The term rape was removed entirely and was substituted with sexual
assault. However, strong objections were raised by women’s groups and the Act ended up
making the offences of rape and sexual harassment gender-specific. There are various
propositions put forth by feminists in support of this regard, such as, men not being as
vulnerable, them always wanting sex, women’s incapability to rape men, men not being similarly
affected by rape, so on and so forth.
In recent studies, 222 Indian men were surveyed out of that around 16% had been coerced into
having sex. Men’s Right Association, a Pune based NGO working on men’s right receives over
10,000 distress calls from Pune itself by male victims of sexual or domestic violence. Kumran,
coordinator of NGO said “We even get calls regarding men getting raped by females, men being
lured into physical relationships after which they are bullied or blackmailed, harassment of men
at the workplace where they are used as toy boys by their seniors.”
Male rape is not researched as widely as female rape despite the fact that there are several cases
of male rapes those are enough to prove that “male rape happens but seldom is reported”. Exact
statistical data of adult male rape cases of India is not available but when we take a look at data
of Protection Of Children from Sexual Offence Act (POCSO Act) 18% are male child victims and
16% are female child victims, this clearly indicates that male are sexually abused and the
prevalence of men rape is much wider than is generally presumed.
All the facts are in front of us, it is needed that our laws and our society to recognize and accept
that men are raped, they are also victims of physical abuse, violence and they also deserve to be
protected from such crimes, as women do. Our society has to accept the fact that men are not
venerable. Indian feminists and our society need digest the fact that women are also perpetrator
in men sexual abuse. We need to build an environment where the plight of all the survivors should be heard, without being reticulated. It is very much important to note that rape is
“GENDER-NEUTAL” crime and survivors of rape must legally aided by gender equality.
I’ve spent considerable time and came to conclusion that rape is Gender neutral crime and it is
important to note following things I’m not claiming:
I am not claiming that only specific gender ‘men and women’ are been raped, for that it is not.
I’m not stating that all gender suffer rape in equal proportion, for that is not the case.
I’m not stating men and women commit rape in equal numbers, for they do not.
I’m not stating that rape is different from an abusive patriarchy, for it is not.
I’m not claiming feminism wrong, for they have certainly been biased at times.
The definition of rape must be redefined, sexual assault must not be classified by sexual
orientation whereas it must be classified according to degree of harm, in a comprehensive
manner. Our system must not give one type of rape priority over others.
Lastly, we need to realize crime has no gender, to supersede humanity, Gender neutrality is the
only solution. Women, men and other genders should be unite and should be heard in one voice
when they speak against rape.

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